Even for those, who want to build model steam engines in their workshop, the internet may be helpful. So I would like to point to some web pages.

My YouTube-Channel


Outstanding Model Engineers / Friends

Free Plans

Occasionally the question where to find free plans of proven models comes up. These are the sources on the internet I am aware of:

Late Elmer Verburg, an american model engineer, made quite a few plans (Imperial System). John Tomlinson offers them on his web site for download. Elmer’s engines are popular esp. for american model engineers as the english speaking bulletin boards or YouTube make clear:

Recently I was pointed to this site:

David Carpenter, a former editor of the british Model Engineer Magazine, now runs the “Model Engineering Website, the weekly web magazine for model engineers”. Look here for free plans:

Finally I would like to emphasize Julius de Waal from New Zealand. His plans are metric (at least those I know). A lot of them may be found on this french website:

Bulletin Boards

“Model Engine Maker” is “A Global Community Of Model Engine Machinists”. You will find a lot of interesting postings and build logs:

Working in the shop

I did not have any formal training or apprenticeship as turner or miller. So I really appreciate some YouTube channels. To name just three of them:

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